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SkillBuilder Video Collection

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This entire collection of 22 video lessons will provide you with sample scripting and helpful tips that will assist in growing your advisory business.

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What's Included


This collection of videos provides talking points and sample scripting related to:

  • Annual Client Review
  • Asking Questions with a Purpose
  • Branding to Prospects & Current Clients
  • Building Your Client Experience
  • Conduct Great Client Meetings
  • Creating Fact, Concern, & Consequence Questions
  • Discovering Values Around Wealth
  • Educating Referral Sources
  • Insurance Discovery & Demonstration
  • Gap Analysis
  • Introductions from Business Partners
  • Investment Discovery & Demonstration
  • Managing a Large Book
  • Pre-Call Planning for Client Meetings
  • Pre-Planned Presentations
  • Qualifying Conversations
  • Relationship Review
  • Retirement Discovery & Demonstration

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