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As a follow-up to our Introduction to Innovation Tools and Processes at the Cetera Financial Institution’s Connect 2017 conference, for the next 6 months we will be exploring the art and science of Innovation.  Our open collaboration approach will focus on both enhancing your firm’s innovation capability and exploring ways to create competitive advantage and deal with all manner of disruption now and in the future. The community will be a self-organizing group meaning everyone is both leader and learner. 

A fee of $99 covers your access to the the innovation platform and community.  

Our guidelines are simple:

  • The group is a closed non-public on-line community and is limited to invitees of Cetera Financial Institutions and participation is solely at the discretion of Cetera Financial Institutions.
  • The community is focused on innovation processes, tools and research, with a specific emphasis on its impact and use in financial services.  Though this encompasses a wide range of topics, we ask you not to make political, religious, or sports commentary, and to keep our engagement at the highest level of professional integrity.
  • Each participant is encouraged to share observations, ask questions, provide responses, and share resources.  We expect all contributions to the group to be offered without restriction.
  • Each participant’s contributions are reflective of their own perspective and none are offered as a recommendation from either Cetera Financial Institutions or Cannon Financial Institute and participation implies indemnification from all parties to hold all other parties and participants harmless.
  • When posting resources, you should have authorization to share third party material including meeting copyright and reprint requirements. Postings of resources with common or open source license should meet the attribution requirements of the source material.

And that is it!  Be nice, share, take ownership for your own actions, and thank others for providing their ideas and perspective.  Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

Our Objectives: Look for potential disruptions to our business, create responses that maintain our groups relevance in the financial services value chain, create and increase the capacity for each participant to use the tools and processes of innovation, through open collaboration ideate new opportunities to profitably deliver value to our customers who deem it valuable.

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