Cannon Financial Institute

Writing the Investment Management Story

This Cannon program will give you and your team an understanding of equity investments, fixed income investments, modern portfolio theory, asset allocation, and analyzing mutual funds.  This is an interactive program using case studies. This program can be tailored to meet the needs of your team. 


  • Equity Investments       
  • Fixed Income Investments
  • Modern Portfolio Theory
  • Asset Allocation:  Crandall Pierce Charts
  • Analyzing Mutual Funds Using Morningstar's Revised Format as of July 2002
  • How to Tell Your Investment Story
  • The Six Point Approach
  • The Seven-Step Presentation Format
  • Handling Delay

Our strength lies in delivering solutions that achieve your firm’s specific goals and objectives. Contact us today to craft this program to meet your initiative’s timing, budget, and delivery considerations.

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