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Sales and Practice Management

The Sales and Practice Management course provides a core set of skills essential to a client-centric practice. Business principles are broken down into two main areas of opportunity: retain and expand current client relationships and create and capitalize on new opportunities. Participants learn to effectively convey their business philosophies and standards.

Participants will learn pragmatic expertise in practice management and client relationship management. Participants will also gain knowledge of key financial concepts relevant to your most valuable clients.


  • Define the Client Experience
  • Develop and Articulate a Personal Branding Message
  • Identify and define a Book of Business by Client Niche
  • Identify Centers of Influence
  • Establish Communication Standards
  • Craft Skillful Conversations Focuses on an Advisory Practice Model
  • Refine and Implement Prospecting Plan to Obtain New Clients
  • Utilize a Disciplined Interview Process for Conducting Discovery with Prospects and Existing Clients
  • Gain Additional Insights into Current Clients
  • Obtain Additional Assets from Current Clients
  • Perform “Gap” Analysis to Formulate Customized Recommendations Based on the Interview Meeting

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