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Performance Coaching II

Mastering the skills introduced in Performance Coaching I requires persistence and practice. The Performance Coaching II workshop builds on the skills and processes introduced in the first course and introduces new dynamic skills.

New observation skills include observing how a colleague discusses expectations, actions, and results. Observing word choice, tone of voice, body language, and how a person handles objections or obstacles, all provide valuable information. The key is knowing how to sift through all this data to find relevant information and then what to do with it once you find it. To do this a coach must learn how to be fully present in the moment. This is a critical skill that helps coaches to remove distractions and fully focus mentally, physically, and emotionally on the colleague and the coaching situation. Performance Coaching II introduces the Total Questioning Model which builds on earlier techniques learned and supports the aim of putting responsibility and accountability for results on the colleague’s shoulders. Participants will also learn how to apply other advanced coaching tools to “speak the truth with compassion, eliminate reoccurring problems, and manage conflict effectively.”

This two-day workshop will prepare a participant to immediately implement Cannon’s Performance Coaching system with their team. The workshop is a highly interactive skill based program designed for leaders and managers who must drive improved performance from their team.


  • Apply Advanced Observation Skills
  • Practice “Being Fully Present in the Moment”
  • Discuss Performance Using Total Questioning Model
  • Discuss Problem Performance by Speaking the Truth with Compassion
  • Eliminate Recurring Performance Problem
  • Effectively Resolve Conflicts

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