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Every leader wants high performance, but few actually achieve it. What creates the difference? How do you build an organization that generates sustainable growth?

Coaching is the most effective way to drive sustainable performance improvement. Managers who effectively coach are able to consistently deliver improved and sustainable results year in and year out. Whether the required improvement is increased sales or greater operational efficiency, performance coaching is an essential skill all managers need.

The goal of performance coaching is to help people acquire the insight, ability, and disposition to realize their full potential in their roles. The role of the coach is to be the catalyst for this transformation. Effective coaches help individuals change their frames of reference by critically reflecting on their assumptions and beliefs. This causes them to consciously implement plans and actions to bring about new ways of defining their world. Sustainable performance improvement is realized when the individual performers’ assumptions and beliefs align with the values and goals of the organization, and the individual is equipped with the required knowledge, skills, processes and tools needed to succeed.

This two-day workshop will prepare a participant to immediately implement Cannon’s Performance Coaching system with their team. The workshop is a highly interactive skill based program designed for leaders and managers who must drive improved performance from their team.


  • Understand the Core Principles that Create a Culture of People Development
  • Understand and Apply the Four Step Coaching Process to Create Greater “Self-Propelled” Colleagues
  • Clarify Performance Expectations with Colleagues and Gain Agreement on Annual Business Plans and Periodic Action Plans for Achieving Results
  • Observe Performance Using Key Tools and Skills to Identify Critical Incidents, Both Right Performance And Problem Performance, for Coaching Discussions
  • Facilitate a Colleague Led Coaching Discussion that Encourages and Enables the Colleague to Reflect and Think Critically About Their Performance and Identify Where They Were Successful and Not Successful, and Self Identify the Root Causes and a Course of Action to Improve Performance
  • Implement Improvement Strategies that Correct Performance Problems
  • Implement Improvement Strategies to Take Successful Performance to a Higher Level

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