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Partnering for Growth

Partnering for Growth is designed to help participants work more effectively as teams to cross sell and deliver Wealth Management.

Partnering for Growth is a training program that takes the best practices in internal lead generation and cross-selling and provides participants with a structure to introduce exisiting clients to the services and solutions your firm can offer in a way that is Effective, Ongoing, and Profitable. 

Participants will learn the essential components of an effective term “Rules of Engagement”.  Participants will be assigned the task of developing a set of “Rules of Engagement” for their Market.  Additionally, participants will practice delivering a team Branding Message and learn how to use the “Credentializing” technique to introduce and position team members with clients and prospects.  “Best Practices” for effective teaming routines will be shared including the “Opportunity Planning Session” where team members share client and prospect profile information to determine the most appropriate next step for expanding and deepening the opportunity.  The interactive format of this session will provide participants the opportunity to engage their peers and the facilitator as they work through developing elements for their Rules of Engagement, building their Team Branding Message and “Credentializing” scripts, and conducting an “Opportunity Planning Session” during the workshop. 

Key Ohjectives 

  • Develop a Team Rules of Engagement
  • Demonstrate a Team Branding Message
  • Utilize the “Credentializing” technique to introduce team members
  • Plan and Conduct an Opportunity Planning Session

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