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Life Priorities Discovery

The Life Priorities Discovery program provides advisors with an engagement model that demostrates the appropriate behaviors in order to earn the trust of their clients and prospects.

The goal of the Life Priorities Discovery program is not necessarily to uncover the values of the client; it is rather to build the trust required in order for the clients to reveal what their deepest motications are. 

This program provides advisors with a conversation model that has a framework and tools that can be used to gain greater insight into a client's priorities, values, and goals. The model will give advisors the opportunity to demonstrate to clients the three key ingredients for trust; integrity, competency, and compassion. 

Key Objectives

  • Describe the elements required to elicit Trust
  • Demonstrate Reflective Listening Techniques
  • Demonstrate Active Listening Techniques
  • Describe the differences between Push & Pull Communication Styles and how the balance of each plays a role in influence
  • Describe the interpersonal dynamics revealed in the JoHari Window model
  • Demonstrate how to “set the stage” for the Priorities Discovery Interview with a client both over the phone when setting the appointment and in person during the client meeting
  • Demonstrate how to use the appropriate balance of Push and Pull communication styles in the “Life Discovery” portion of the interview in order to expand the “open space” of both the client and the advisor
  • Demonstrate how to use the Priority Cards and counseling techniques to help a client articulate their thoughts and feelings
  • Demonstrate how to “Summarize Priorities” and gain agreement on the Priority that Matters Most to the client
  • Demonstrate how to use Facts, Concern, Consequence and Commitment questions to help a client determine the degree to which they want the advisor to assist them in addressing their priorities

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