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Certificate in Applied Behavioral Finance

The foundation for understanding how people make decisions is a thorough understanding of the twenty most important behavioral biases that have been identified in research.

The "Behavior Gap"

Each year DALBAR publishes the Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior.  It shows how individual investors consistently underperformed the actual investment they have owned.  This phenomenon has been coined the "behavior gap."  This evidence stands in stark contrast to the expectations of classical economics, which is rooted in the notion that investors are inherently rational economic beings. But research in the field of behavioral economics has shown that investors are human beings, and not perfectly rational creatures.  The reality is that an investor’s personal beliefs and biases influence their decision making.  And the results show up in DALBAR's report each and every year.

Become a Behavioral Coach

Do you advise clients with regard to their finances? Is your intent to truly help your clients make smart decisions about their wealth?  If so, understanding how these biases work in the decision-making process is absolutely critical.  In this workshop, you will learn how to act as a Behavioral Coach by recognizing behavioral biases and appropriately intervening. 

Upon successful completion of the program requirements, participants will be awarded a Certificate in Applied Behavioral Finance from the Certified Wealth Strategist® Board of Directors.


  • Identify Investor Behavioral Biases in Clients
  • Recognize Four Behavioral Investor Types
  • Apply Behavioral Finance to the Asset Allocation Process
  • Learn Coaching Techniques to use when Advising Your Clients
  • Learn how to brand and position yourself as a Behavioral Coach
  • Embed Behavioral coaching into your Client Acquisition Process and your Client Experience

Many professionals satisfy Continuing Education and/or Continuing Legal Education requirements with this course. Rules for CE and CLE approval are time sensitive and vary by designation and state. Cannon encourages early registration in order to allow for ample processing (request for credits may not be available after course completion).

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