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History, combined with our greater purpose, has taught us much about the opportunities and challenges of change.

Cannon’s enterprise solutions team’s collaborative nature helps us understand each organization’s own issues and beliefs, cultures, and constraints. We look deeply at the challenges in the critical facets of your business: strategic planning, processes, client experiences, knowledge and skill competencies, execution strategy, performance measurement, and evaluation.


Cannon consultants believe that everyone is entitled to guidance and advice. We understand that One Size Does Not Fit All; or even most. Your solution will be tailored to your needs, your challenges, and your culture with respect to your privacy to help you develop your competitive edge against your competitors. 


Through a defined and disciplined approach, Cannon consultants apply leading-edge techniques of business process re-engineering to deliver results that are meaningful to executives, employees, shareholders, and most importantly your clients. Every situation is unique, so every project should be viewed as unique. Cannon consultants utilize a variety of tools and processes that are matched to your firm’s specific challenges.

Our consultants partner with your internal teams to deliver customized, performance improvement solutions. By helping organizations overcome their most complex challenges, our team of industry thought-leaders helps your leadership sort out What To Change, define the processes for How it Needs Change, create a vision for “What Great Looks Like” in their organization, and, most importantly, help firms create the “burning platform” for Why Change.


Cannon delivers consulting and performance improvement services to Financial Services firms around the world. From Wealth Management and Private Banking to Business Banking & Treasury Management services; Cannon consultants deliver the results where you are and when you need them. Whether your firm is located in New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore or any place in between- our consultants are there when you need them the most.

Our best clients have realized some of the following benefits:

  • Improved client retention
  • Realized behavioral change
  • Increased top-line growth and bottom-line results
  • Increased confidence, competence in managers and colleagues
  • Business transformation through culture change
  • Global consistency; local efficiency
  • Enhanced proficiency and productivity
  • Risk mitigation
  • Passing Regulatory or Audit Review and Inspections

To find out more about Cannon's consulting services please contact Chris Nekvinda at 706.353.3346. 



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