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Capital Ideas - January 2018


This issue features pieces on Risk Tolerance, Key Retirement & Tax Numbers, 2017 Financial Review, and 2018 Financial Resolutions.  


Every year begins a contest of sorts between me and the other grandpas. Each of them, over the years, has tried to outdo me, but they never quite succeed. This year was no exception. In fact, this may be the best gift to date!

I know many of you women will be rolling their eyes out loud, as Sue likes to say, but the men will be cheering and slapping me on the back. Trips are great, but once they’re over, it’s over. This will be a gift that keeps on giving.

I bit the bullet and got a two-seater go-cart!!! I can hear those eyes now and you’re welcome guys!!

I had to convince Sue that this would be the gift of gifts this year. She was not so easy to convince, but I finally got her to come around, by telling her how safe it was with 4-point safety harness seat belts and being low to the ground prevents it from rolling over and that the kids had to wear helmets. Bingo…she was in!!

I couldn’t get to the store fast enough to order it and get it assembled before she changed her mind. She then worried about how to get it home and said “absolutely not” to my idea of me driving it home and she could follow in the car, so I rented a small trailer and got it home.

Next was getting it gassed up so the kids could ride it as soon as they saw it. Now you know I had to test drive it to be sure it was running properly. What a blast! It goes 30mph!! Sue came out to see what all the yelling was about (me) and I convinced her to take it for a spin. Keeping in mind she’s a real speed demon!! She took off screaming down our court!! On her way back she picked up her friend and took her for a crazy ride. This was a sight to see…two crazy gals squeezed into this go-cart. I wish I had pictures. It took me to pull them both out. They were grinning ear-to-ear.

Off to pick up the kids and bring them back for a few days to give their mom a break. I was so excited to show them, I could hardly wait to get back home.

The kids nearly went nuts when the garage door opened and they saw the go-cart with a huge red bow tied onto it. They were jumping and screaming and wanted to take it for a ride immediately. Since it was late and dark, they had to wait until morning. They were up at the crack of dawn. I convinced them to wait until I had my coffee and the temperature got 1 or 2 degrees warmer. Sue bundled them up and out they went.

Parker takes after Sue and his mom. If you want to get somewhere fast, let one of them drive! He was off!! He’s fearless when it comes to fast cars. Then he took Kayden and convinced her to drive it. She was much more trepid until she gained some confidence. Then she became Danica Patrick from NASCAR! They nearly froze to death in the cold weather, but they did not want to stop. The next day they showed some of their cousins and gave them rides until they were ready to drive it themselves.

Now the go-cart cannot stay here or at their place because there is no place to really ride it. We will take it up to our cottage and they will have a gravel road around 11 acres and all the ATV trails in Wisconsin to ride on. I think this was a winner! The kids are already talking about making trails through the woods to make it more fun.

Now Sue wants to get another one. I’m aiming for a couple more since more is always better in my book! Bigger ones to be sure!!

Now I have 12 months to figure out 2018’s big gift of gifts! Any ideas would be appreciated, but just don’t tell Sue.

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