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Episode 9: Mark Garrett

Today on the Cannon Curve we retrace Mark Garrett’s professional narrative and discover the challenges and accomplishments that have led him to his current role as Executive Chairman of Moors & Cabot. Garrett has served in a diverse array of industries and has experience with startup firms, privately held businesses, international consulting firms, as well as family-owned businesses. Through these endeavors, he has gained a wide breadth of operating and leadership experience.  Today we uncover the lessons he has learned that have helped define his success. 

We begin this episode reminiscing Garrett’s high school job as a busboy and the role it played in shaping a sturdy foundation for his future. Continuing along his professional journey, Garrett defines his perspective on the difference between a manager and a leader, the importance of a strong culture and the “long race” patient leadership requires. We dive further to find that great leaders not only lay a strong foundation for success but also recognize that they “can’t beat experience” when it comes to enhancing their impact.  


Jim Collins – Good to Great: 


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