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Episode 10: Gary Stringer

Today we stroll down the path that has positioned Gary Stringer as the President, Chief Investment Officer, and co-founder of Stringer Asset Management. His story is rooted deep in the financial industry, having served in roles at Franklin Templeton, Legg Mason, and Morgan Keegan prior to his bold venture into entrepreneurship. 

We begin this episode by uncovering early career lessons that have not only provided Mr. Stringer insight about himself, but have also shaped the way he serves his current clients. These initial lessons follow him through his professional journey, and are echoed in the leadership traits he upholds. His “ice on the wing captain” leadership approach, strategic decision-making techniques, and thoughtful team-dynamic considerations have all contributed to the continued success he has earned. Whether you are a seasoned leader or a budding entrepreneur, Stringer’s insights and perspectives will add value to your leadership pursuits as well as your business endeavors.

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