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Episode 2: Dr. Stacy Campbell

At the intersection of psychology and business is a profound portfolio of research and hypotheses that have enhanced our understanding and even our performance in a professional environment. Psychology has become an increasingly prevalent resource in business – building inertia in the word of job interviews through personality and compatibility tests, backing our own professional self-assessments with research, and improving our understanding of professional relationships through comprehensive analysis. 

Today on the Cannon Curve we are pleased to have Dr. Stacy Campbell, Associate Professor in the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship at Kennesaw State University. With a PhD in Organizational Behavior, an M.A. in Psychology, and a BBA in Economics/Business and psychology, she has published numerous articles that examine the link between psychology and business. In today’s discussion we direct a large portion of our focus on narcissism in leadership and the leader-follower relationship. What makes charismatic narcissism a successful leadership trait in the short term? What traits sustain long term leaders? Why is it crucial to not only think about what makes a good leader, but also a good follower?  From a research perspective, these questions form intriguing hypotheses, and in this episode we acknowledge them through the lens of psychology. 


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Relational Ties That Bind: Leader–Follower Relationship Dimensions and Charismatic Attribution: 
Jim Collins – Good to Great: 
Jim Collins – Built to Last: 
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