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Episode 11: Lori Hardwick Part 1

Uncovering opportunities for unconventional entrepreneurship, finding the right problems to solve, and navigating bold career moves: just three of the themes we encounter as we chronicle the professional narrative of Lori Hardwick, President and Co-founder of Advisor Innovation Labs.

In today’s episode, we share part one of a two-part story. We reflect on the past positions Lori has held, and dive into how those experiences have shaped the leadership perspectives she exhibits today. Her ambition, self-awareness, and innovative nature have contributed to her profound success and positioned her as an acclaimed thought leader in the financial services industry. Lori has left a noticeable impact on each company she has served, and continues to impact the financial industry through her recent entrepreneurial endeavor, A.I. Labs. With all of her revered success, can you believe that she fell into the industry by chance?


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