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Episode 1: Kessel Stelling

Today, we introduce Kessel Stelling and his entrepreneurial story that begins with long nights in flip-flops surrounded by loan files on his basement floor and ends with him positioned as the CEO and highly respected Chairman of Synovus Financial Corp. With his incredibly vast experience on the usage of successful leadership practices, Stelling proves to be a strong addition to the financial industry as well as The Cannon Curve.

Stelling starts the conversation in 1993 with his entrepreneurial epiphany and leaves us at the end of the podcast with a discussion about “the war for talent” in 2017. Kessell paved his own path to success, and then built his career step by step through perseverance, hard work, and dedication to his ideas. As the recipient of the Leadership Character Award and an esteemed member of the financial community, he has changed paradigms, shifted expectations, and disrupted status quos in the industry.

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