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Episode 12: Lori Hardwick Part 2

Compelling stories often take time to share in their entirety. Thus, we follow up part one of Lori Hardwick’s interview by focusing on the three core values that have shaped her leadership success and discuss the experiences that led her to become an active voice behind the Women in Wealth initiatives.

In yesterday’s episode, we chronicled the path that Lori Hardwick has carved from her first position at GKST to her current role as President and Co-founder of Advisor Innovation Labs. Today, Lori reveals her most effective leadership practices in a way that is applicable to not only aspiring leaders, but also to those who wish to further develop their professional impact on others. We then conclude the episode by pivoting to a topic Lori personally resonates with: Women in Wealth Management. What are the implications of an uneven ratio of men to women in the wealth management industry? What strategies can we actively employ to appeal to more young women? Tune in to find out.


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