Cannon Financial Institute
Vol. 3 Iss. 11 - November 2011 -

Planning Ideas - Below-Market Loans

Here are three common scenarios. Can you identify the issues, and could you explain to a client what needs to be done address them?


Regulation and Compliance - The Volcker Rule

Many of today’s young financial advisors may not even know who Paul Volcker is, but if he has his way, he could have yet another profound impact.


Taxes - Guidance on How to Elect Portability of Deceased Spouse’s Estate Tax Exclusion

The 2010 Tax Act contained a provision that allows surviving spouses to apply any unused portion of their deceased spouses’ estate tax exclusion to reduce their own estate tax liability.


More Taxes - New Proposed Regulations under IRC Section 67(h): REG–128224–06 IRB 201142

The IRS has withdrawn its 2007 proposed regulations relating to the deduction for certain advisory fees paid by estates and non-grantor trusts and issued new proposed regulations.