Cannon Financial Institute
Vol. 4 Iss. 2 - February 2012 -

Planning Ideas - Asset Protection

The recent death of legendary Penn State football coach, Joe Paterno has brought scrutiny to a transfer he made shortly before the scandal-


Practice Management - Reality Engineering

We define reality by the results that we achieve. These may be quantitative or qualitative. We always measure reality in some way.


Regulation and Compliance - Life Settlements

Life settlements have long been a source of controversy, and two recent cases highlight the nature of the controversy. Before Advisors recommend life settlements to clients-


Planning Ideas - Passing Along the Family Vacation Home

A common planning issue for affluent and high net worth clients involves how to transfer the family vacation home. More often than not, the issue arises when parents-


Regulation and Compliance - New Guidance on RIA’s Use of Social Media

You would think they could make it easier. It’s challenging to keep track of the basic tax rules applicable to distributions from IRAs, non-qualified annuities, etc.