Cannon Financial Institute
Vol. 4 Iss. 1 - January 2012 -

Planning Ideas - Re-characterizing a Roth Conversion

Things don’t always work out as planned. When that happens, our clients sometimes want a "do-over." Unfortunately, reversing a bad decision is not always possible.


Practice Management - Why Coaching Matters: 10/80/10 Principle

Only a small percentage of people are naturally self-starters. There is a basic principle that we have found to be true in almost every organization.


Planning Ideas - Life Insurance Cash Values and Retirement Planning

A planning strategy promoted by life insurance marketers involves the purchase of life insurance primarily for cash value accumulation.


Taxes - Tax Court Rules on Crummey Withdrawal Powers

A common planning tool is the irrevocable life insurance trust. The trust is often funded with no other asset than a life insurance policy insuring the grantor’s life.


Planning Ideas - Keep Your Exceptions Straight

You would think they could make it easier. It’s challenging to keep track of the basic tax rules applicable to distributions from IRAs, non-qualified annuities, etc.