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Wealth Management: Banking & Credit Conversations

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It’s safe to say that nearly every client you have will take on debt at some time.  Whether it’s a simple mortgage, a line of credit for a business, funding a start-up, or protecting the transfer of wealth from one generation to another, appropriate use of credit at various times in a client’s life is central to strategic wealth management. The advisor who fully understands debt management is in a position to be of great value to his or her clients.

Cannon’s Wealth Management Issues Conversations packages equip advisors to address each wealth management issue their clients face. Cannon has packaged multiple learning assets to fully cover each issue.

Each package includes a(n):

  • Technical Study Guide (PDF format)
  • Online Exam (30 questions)
  • Digital Audio Program (MP3 format)
  • eLearning Lesson

You will receive an account on Cannon’s learning management system to access each learning asset. CE Credit may be available. Call 706.353.3346 for details.


  • Identify the major risks facing investors who lack an appropriate approach to using credit
  • Identify effective ways to position and execute a banking and credit management discovery interview
  • Employ a simple mnemonic  - - to develop the habit of comprehensive client discovery
  • Identify and emulate client discovery techniques that broaden and deepen your understanding of a client’s complete situation
  • Describe what to consider and what to avoid when conducting the Banking and Credit Management Discovery Interview
  • Create an action plan for executing the PURPOSE interview with your current clients.

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