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Delivering goals-based wealth management allows advisors to reconcile a high-touch advisory approach with the increasing shift towards digital advice in wealth management offerings. Engage with Cannon expert Jacquie Hart along with your peers for a discerning review of how to build and deliver a thriving goals-based wealth management practice through improved client communication and reporting. 

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This course qualifies for the following CE credits:
CFP® CE: 2.5 HRS
CWS® CE: 2.5 HRS

Participating in this course will provide you with:

An understanding of how to incorporate behavioral finance into portfolio construction and reporting
A recognition of the flaws of a traditional approach
Strategies to design portfolios that focus on the “why” not the “what”
Strategies to create client proposals & reporting using a Goals-Based Wealth Management framework 
Strategies to use this approach as a value proposition in an increasingly commoditized industry

For Trust Officers, your focus is on ensuring the client communicates their goals. Focusing on their stated goals ensures you align all services provided both internally and externally to help the clients achieve those goals.

For Portfolio Managers, your focus is ensuring that the “What and Why” of the portfolio construction, ongoing maintenance, and adjustments are top of mind in serving the client goals.

For Financial or Wealth Advisors, you are often in a key relationship or manager role and will help drive the conversation and help co-create the original Goals-Based Wealth Management framework.

For Analysts, you might typically be focused on the micro-level in a bottom-up manner. Your focus will be on the buy/sell for the specific client in the Goals-Based Wealth Management framework.

For Sales Professionals, your focus will be in helping set the stage for the Goals-Based Wealth Management strategy so that the language used, desired outcomes, and approach are consistent with the stated values and outcomes at the portfolio and firm level.

For Attorneys, you are a key trusted advisor for your clients and a critical referral source. A Goals-Based Wealth Management approach, when described and outlined to the attorney, is often met with appreciation and support. The trusted advisory team can then continue to work together on the client’s expressed goals and milestones.

For Tax Advisors, you are a key trusted professional working closely with clients to help meet their overall needs. Ensuring a Goals-Based Wealth Management approach is important to keeping the advisory team focused on working together to achieve the client’s expressed goals and milestones.

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