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LinkedIn Basics

This link takes you to a tab on LinkedIn that shows a brief video on how to make a LinkedIn profile. Follow this link to watch the clip and join LinkedIn to sign up. Once you have created your LinkedIn profile you can search for the Cannon pages. You will type in the keyword search bar at the top or hover over “My network” and click on “Add Contacts.” Search “Cannon Financial Institute”, “Cannon Financial Institute Alumni Network”, and “Certified Wealth Strategist®” to follow us. You will be updated with everything that is happening inside and outside of Cannon.


Instagram Basics 

This link gives steps on how to get started with Instagram. It gives additional support links to directly sign up and to start making your profile. The support links are available for each step in the sign up process to assist you and give further explanations on how it works. Once you have created your Instagram account and choose a username you can begin to follow Cannon. You can follow us @cannonfinancial or simply type Cannon Financial Institute into the search bar and hit “follow.”


Facebook Basics

This link takes you to a “Getting Started” page on Facebook. Once there, under “Creating Your New Account” click on “How do I Sign Up for Facebook?” The support link gives instructions to help make your profile. You can also simply just log onto and fill out your personal information after clicking the “sign up” button. Once you have completed your Facebook Profile you can “like” Cannon’s page by simply typing “Cannon Financial Institute” in the search bar and hitting the “like” button. This allows you to see what’s new at Cannon.


Twitter Basics

The link below provides a page on how to Sign Up with Twitter. It gives you instructions on how to get started with support links. You can also go to and find the sign up box and provide your personal information to get started. Once you have created your Twitter profile you can follow Cannon @cannonfinancial. You can type in “Cannon Financial Institute” in the search bar and click follow to keep with all of our latest tweets and company posts.


YouTube Basics

This link has a support link for creating an account on YouTube which gives you instructions for each method of joining.Once you have created a YouTube account you can begin to follow Cannon’s channel. You can do that by clicking on “Browse Channels” and type “Cannon Financial” in the search bar and hit “subscribe.”  You can also type “Cannon Financial” into the keyword search bar and click on any of our videos, which will also take you to our channel where you can subscribe.

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