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Episode 314: Good Enough Simply Isn’t

With this first episode of the new year, we are setting the bar high. The challenge, eliminate the phrase “good enough” from your vocabulary. 

For too long, these two words have been muttered without tangible consequences. We assert, “it’s good enough,” and neglect to truly analyze the weight behind our words. “Good enough” limits innovation; it does not create a stage for excellence, but builds a heavy wall between us and our potential. Do we all aspire to be deemed “good enough” by others for the roles we are called to play in life? No, life is too short to buy into this bland and average routine.

In this morning’s episode, we urge you to elevate the areas of your life that have fallen short of your true potential. Challenge yourself to make 2018 about breaking the habit of “good enough,” because “good enough” isn’t a meaningful objective.


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