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Episode 310: 2018 & You

You’re playing a round of golf and the conditions are quite favorable – the greens are slightly grown out and thus a bit slower, the weather is calm and the pin placements are all in relatively easy positions. You shoot the lowest round of your life, a score on par with the pros playing in the Wyndham Championship that week. Do you set out for PGA tour school and become a touring pro? Probably not, because anticipating that those results would have occurred with more challenging conditions would be foolish. So why do we sometimes make this mistake in business?

This morning, we discuss the importance of honestly assessing our successes, because should you neglect to do so, certain consequences may surface down the road. We encourage you to look back on 2017 with an unbiased lens that will allow you to evaluate what your success would look like with and without certain conditions. Use the methods we outline in this episode to constructively appraise the strengths and weakness of your business – if you do so, you will put yourself in a position to hit the ground running in 2018.


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