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Episode 309: Owning the Burden

According to Urban Dictionary, “Adulting” is a term typically used by those who “adult” less than 50% of the time, and describes an individual who seeks to carry out “one or more of the duties and responsibilities expected of fully developed individuals.” It is with humor that we observe the younger generation either transitioning into their first jobs or even getting married, and refer to their actions as “adulting behavior” as if they can easily slip back into a more carefree time of their life.

Most of us are beyond those responsibility-free days of our youth, and this Monday morning we reflect on the growth that comes with age. In hindsight, we realize that as we experience more of life, we lose some of the insecurities we had in high school. However, we must also acknowledge that transitioning into these new phases of our life can bring different insecurities. In spite of this, we must manage and own our responsibilities and embrace certain attributes that come with age and experience.


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Urban Dictionary definition of “Adulting”:

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