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Episode 308: Separating Yourself

It’s the season of Christmas trees and menorahs, eggnog and candy canes, where we, as business professionals, traditionally send holiday cards, nuts, and chocolates to our clients and influencers. But will these small gifts make a significant impact? We believe the answer is no.  

Although these standard gifts are kind tokens of appreciation, they won’t necessarily be memorable or set your practice apart from the rest. Thus, this Monday morning, we explore the ways in which you can make a lasting impression on your clients during the holiday season. We explain how to make deeper connections and build stronger relationships through more personalized gifts, and why it is important to do so. It doesn’t take a strenuous amount of effort to demonstrate your sincere appreciation for your clients. All it involves is paying detailed attention to your client’s passions and interests, and preparing a gift that acknowledges that passion.


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