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Concept Pieces

Year End Tax Planning Basics
Annuities as an IRA Investment Option
Equity Indexed Universal Life Insurance
Health Care Reform Considerations for Employers
In-Service Withdrawls
Long-Term Care Annuities
Return of Premium Term Life Insurance

Case Studies

Business Succession Planning
Charitable Lead Trust
Charitable Remainder Trust
Credit Shelter Trust
Donor Advised Fund
Dynasty Trust
Private Family Foundation
Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trust
Revocable Living Trust

Video Resources

A Savings Carol
The Rule of 72
Financial Planning: See the Big Picture
Coping with Market Volatility
4 Money Mistakes You Might Be Making
3 Factors to Consider in Retirement Investing
Your Employer's Retirement Savings Plan
Six Reasons to Work with a Financial Professional
Health Care Reform: A Timeline
Health Care Reform: Changes to Medicare
Social Security: When to Take Benefits
Financial Challenges Faced by Women
Index Fund Advisors - IFA.TV
Kahn Academy videos

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