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Solutions to the Department of Labor Fiduciary Ruling

Great change always creates great opportunities. For fifty-five years Cannon has been at the forefront of helping both domestic and international clients lead through similar regulatory changes. Technical, Regulatory, and Sales professionals alike all turn to us for the highest quality education, distinguished professional credentials and collaborative consulting strategies.


Our Offerings:

Our new eLearning course, DOL Fiduciary Standard: Making Sense of the Conflict of Interest Final Rule, breaks down the new rule and changes in five online modules. Join Cannon's experts Larry Divers and Linda Eaton for this in-depth and informative look at the Conflict of Interest Final Rule. Learn More 

Applied Ethics for Financial Advisors - Applied Ethics for Financial Advisors is designed to provide an engaging format that breaks the stereotype of self directed compliance training. Participants use interactive case studies to explore the key decisions and risks of acting as a Fiduciary. Learn More

Business Modeling to Innovate Your Practice - Advisors are inundated with messages around the need to innovate, but not how to do it. This workshop provides insight to improve the focus and profitability of the practice while remaining nimble to industry disruptors. Learn More

Changing the Conversation: Applying Fiduciary Sales Skills - How can an Advisor act in a client’s best interest if the clients, themselves, are unclear? This program offers a condensed review of the regulatory changes and focuses on the skills and activities required to deliver a holistic fiduciary client experience. Learn More

Department of Labor Fiduciary Standard: Understanding the Ruling - For a financial professional, acting as a fiduciary is not optional. Cannon provides a detailed review of the changes to the ERISA law, focusing on changes to the fiduciary standards. Learn More

Determining Your Client’s Best Interest: A New Approach to Discovery - The value add in financial advice is shifting. The future will be about personal connections. This program will provide new tools and techniques that enable better demonstration of the behaviors necessary for future success: integrity, competency, and compassion. Learn More

The Essentials and Applications of Behavioral Finance - The latest research on neuro-economics illustrates that everyone carries traits and biases that affect our investment decisions. This program prepares advisors to help their clients make better decisions with regard to their wealth and demonstrate greater capacity to serve the client’s best interests. Learn More

Transitioning to a Fee-based Business - Where can an advisor add the most value? A fee-based investment management model aligns the advisor more closely with the client. The course also expands the advisor / client outlook to include a broader wealth management issues landscape. Learn More

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