Unique Assets: Hidden Half of Your Clients' Wealth
By Brad Davidson


Let’s start with a statement you'll likely think cannot possibly be true: most trust professionals routinely ignore half of their affluent clients' assets.

Your clients own assets that do not trade on any stock or bond exchange, that have no CUSIP number, that are not sold to investors by Fidelity, Merrill Lynch or Charles Schwab. I call them “unique assets” and by the term mean investments that originate not on Wall Street but on Main Street – things like real estate; interests in privately-owned (usually family owned) businesses; mineral oil and gas interests; life insurance; farms and ranches; loans and notes; and collectibles.


Applied Behavioral Finance: Behavioral Biases of Moderate Investors
By Michael M. Pompian

In last month's article, we examined the biases of Conservative investors. In this month’s article, we will move on to biases of moderate investors, finishing coverage of clients who are at the lower end of the risk tolerance spectrum. Moderate investors (MI’s) often do not have their own ideas about investing but rather follow the lead of their friends and colleagues or whatever general investing fad is occurring to make their investment decisions.



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