Building Self-Propelled People through Performance Coaching
By John Brantley and Clark Brown


As a boy I loved cutting grass, especially at my grandfather’s house. At home I used a regular push mower – seriously hard work in our hilly yard. At Papa’s, though, cutting grass was different. He had a self-propelled lawnmower. Just check the gas and oil, crank the mower, engage the self-propelled mechanism and off you went. The lawnmower pulled itself. Cutting grass was easy, more enjoyable, and required less effort.

As leaders, most of us are looking for the human version of that self-propelled lawnmower. We want people who drive their own performance, doing the things every day that lead to success. The reality, though, is that most people are not naturally self-driven. It’s called the 10/80/10 Principle. Only about 10% of the people in most organizations are true self-starters. A small percentage (10%) will not be successful regardless of what you do.


Applied Behavioral Finance: Behavioral Biases of Conservative Investors
By Michael M. Pompian

The next four articles will discuss biases in four types of investors: conservative, moderate, growth-oriented, and aggressive-growth clients. First, we focus on the behavioral biases of conservative investors.



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Coaching is the most effective way to drive sustainable performance improvement. Managers who effectively coach are able to consistently deliver improved results year after year. Our goal for this course is to help you acquire the insight, ability, and disposition to realize your full potential in your role. This two-day workshop will prepare you to immediately implement Cannon’s Performance Coaching system. We encourage you, as leaders and managers who drive improved performance, to attend this highly interactive course.


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Retirement assets often comprise a significant portion of clients’ wealth. It is the responsibility of the Estate Planning Advisor to determine the most effective manner in which to transfer these assets and minimize the taxes arising from them. Join Estate Planning Attorney, Clary Redd, as he discusses dealing with the uncertainties of retirement benefit planning and how this affects your role in your clients’ financial future.


March 7–8, 2016

Join Cannon in San Francisco as we introduce four new courses: Investment Management Issues & Updates, Capitalizing on the Insurance Opportunity, Certificate in Behavioral Finance, and Performance Coaching.


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Our two-day workshops in Boston offer you the opportunity to build on your already robust knowledge of the financial industry with courses in Sales and Practice Management, Client Interaction Skills, Performance Coaching, Behavioral Finance, Insurance Opportunities, Trust for the Financial Advisor, and updates in the Retirement Plan Services field.