Donor-advised Funds: Maximize your clients'
charitable giving

Charitable giving is a popular and long-standing tradition in the U.S. While plenty of Americans contribute to organizations of their choosing, many people leave much of their donating until the last minute. From a fiscal standpoint, this can limit the potential tax savings of this act, and prevent clients from realizing the full potential of their generosity.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit: How financial planning changes for the self-employed

From a wealth management standpoint, few elements are as valuable as a strong, stable career. While many of the clients that walk through your door might be part of a successful company, there will also be those who have set out on their own path.

A New Wave of Wealth Management: How to work
with younger generations

For financial advisors, clients could soon start to change from boomers nearing retirement to up-and-coming college graduates with an interest in nurturing their assets. And, the guidance given to one demographic may not be the same for another.

NOVEMBER 20th - 2:30pm ET
Free Webinar - Washington's Wishlist: Possible Estate Planning Changes and what to do about it

With the election behind us and the New Year right around the corner, Congress will be looking to make changes that could affect our clients and planning strategies. Join Daniel Smith as he explores Washington’s Wishlist and stay up to date on their latest ideas and how to react to the definite and possible changes.


Cannon Schools in Hilton Head, SC

Have you made the commitment to continue your professional development in 2015? Gain the knowledge and skills you need to help you excel. Join us in Hilton Head and begin the next phase of your career.


NOVEMBER 18th - 1pm ET
Cannon Estate Planning Teleconference Series: The Trustee's Nightmare - Breach of Fiduciary Duty Litigation

Join us for this program as we examine the challenges with discretionary distribution decisions, the removal and replacement of fiduciaries, as well as the reliance on exculpatory causes.

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