Applied Behavioral Finance: An Introduction
By Michael M. Pompian


We all have seen a miraculous recovery in asset prices in the wake of the GFC (global financial crisis). But we should not forget that in the eight years prior to then we saw two of the four worst bear markets of the last 100 years. In 2008-2009, estimates of upwards of $15 trillion in asset values evaporated, wiping out capital gains earned in the bull markets of both the 1990’s and 2000’s. Clients were shell-shocked, often frozen like deer in the headlights as to what to do. And just as history has shown markets are cyclical, another bear market will occur again; it’s just a matter of time.


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Planning for the future is on the mind of every client. How can I ensure my family has the money they need once I'm gone? Will all my legal requirements be taken care of? These are questions commonly asked by people across the country, and in many cases they turn to their advisors for the answers.



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Losing a loved one is an exceedingly difficult time in life. Estate Planning Professionals strive to provide family members with the flexibility necessary to deal with unforeseen financial and family circumstances. In order to do this, knowledge of the options available to implement the estate plan is necessary. Join Estate Planning Expert, Clary Redd, as he discusses these options along with other Post-Mortem Estate Planning topics in Post-Mortem Estate Planning.


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Better serve your clients in 2016 with Cannon’s course on Behavioral Finance. Behavioral finance holds that investors are human beings and therefore an investor’s personal beliefs and biases influence their decision making. For the professionals who advise clients with their finances, understanding how these biases work in the decision-making process is critical. Join Cannon in this highly-interactive two-day workshop available in San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, and Atlanta.


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Join Cannon in 2016 and discover what is new in the coming year. We are introducing TEN new course offerings, which cover topics ranging from Performance Coaching and Behavioral Finance to Personal Trust Sales. We will also offer the opportunity to attend select two-day workshops in Boston’s Financial District in April.