Letter from the President – M. Shane O'Neill:
The future of Cannon Financial Institute

The financial services industry is currently under an uncomfortable spotlight. Since the financial crisis of 2007, many organizations are facing increased scrutiny from government agencies, regulators, and - rightfully so - the clients themselves. People are cautious with their financial advisors, firms are questioned about how they actually help clients and the industry as a whole now has to consider how to redefine and reposition itself.

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Family planning: How to balance the fiscal and emotional sides of a wealth transfer

No matter a person's fortune, success or number of relatives - family planning and transferring wealth are incredibly important. Today, many clients are asking themselves if their families are ready for when they are gone, and while this topic can make for a tough conversation, it is an integral one to have.

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Charitable giving: Address philanthropic trends to improve donations

Philanthropy, while a deep-seated and time-tested part of the American social consciousness, is changing. Today, the make-up of who is giving is different than it was in years past, as are the organizations they are donating to and the reasons behind their charity.

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College planning: Help students receive an education without sacrificing their financial future

Financial problems come in all shapes and sizes, but one challenge facing many American households is student loan debt. We all know that paying for college is costly, but this doesn't mean that every prospective student has the will or the way to save money.

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OCTOBER 23rd - 2:30pm ET
Free Webinar: Tis the season for Charitable Gifting!

Are your clients prepared to explore the potential tax benefits of Charitable Gifting before the end of the year? Join David Bell for a closer look at guiding your clients' philanthropic intentions in 2014. Your ability to add value to gifting conversations creates a win-win-win situation: good for the cause, good for your clients, and good for your business.


OCTOBER 19-28, 2014
Cannon Schools in Atlanta, GA

We equip the industry professionals with the knowledge and skills to excel in their roles. We help the companies that support those professionals to thrive. We believe that, together, we can make secure financial futures a reality. Join us in Atlanta for these sessions and begin the next phase of your career.


OCTOBER 21st - 1pm ET
Cannon Estate Planning Teleconference Series: Professional Liability and Ethics in Trusts and Estates

Join us for this program where we will examine representing clients with varying degrees of disability, professional responsibility enforcement by the IRS, as well as the obligations of a lawyer when representation has become "dormant" or has ended.


Wealth Management: Charitable Giving Conversations
Identify the major risks facing clients when planning for charitable giving

There are as many reasons for your clients to give away money as there are ways to acquire it. You may have already encountered clients who give passionately and generously to causes that are monumentally important to them as well as clients who give to take advantage of tax laws.