The Traditional Family Wasn’t and Isn’t Today
By Charles McCain


"Seven out of ten investors believe that financial advice and solutions are typically designed with only the traditional family in mind. Modern families of all types say they have difficulty finding financial professionals experienced with families like theirs."

This not-so-complimentary insight about financial advisors is taken from: "Beyond the Picket Fence: Financial challenges of the modern American family," a report issued by wealth management firm UBS in the fall of 2015.* It is a fascinating insight and one many FAs might want to think about in both how to serve their existing clients better and how to expand existing relationships as well as create new relationships.


The Conservative Behavioral Investor Type
By Michael M. Pompian

As discussed in the last article, the least risk tolerant BIT and the most risk tolerant BIT clients are emotionally-biased in their behavior. In the middle of the risk scale are BITs that are affected mainly by cognitive biases. This should make intuitive sense. Clients who have a high need for security (i.e., a low risk tolerance) do so because emotion is driving this behavior; they get emotional about losing money and get uneasy during times of stress or change.



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