A Tsunami and the DOL Fiduciary Rule:
How to Survive Both

By Charles McCain


The ocean surrounding the Indonesian island of Simeulue started to recede to the horizon revealing coral reefs, sunken boats, and the seabed itself. Moments before, one of the most powerful earthquakes ever measured had shaken the island—which was less than twenty-four miles from the epicenter. The force of this earthquake both lifted the island almost five feet and triggered the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami— one of the deadliest natural disasters in recorded history.

Ten minutes after the quake subsided, a series of ninety foot waves crashed ashore on Simeulue. How many of the island’s 78,000 people perished? Seven. How? They were prepared.


Behavioral Finance and Risk Tolerance
By Michael M. Pompian

For those of you who have taken the CFA exam recently or have read my books and/or articles over the years you may be familiar with the concept of behavioral investor types or BITs. Identifying BITs through a process I developed called Behavioral Alpha® (BA) enhances the advisory process and allows advisors to more effectively work with their clients.



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In an era of the unlimited marital deduction, portability and historically high estate tax exemptions and gift tax annual exclusion amounts, one might be tempted to conclude life insurance isn’t really necessary anymore. Nothing could be further from the truth. Join Estate Planning Attorney, Clary Redd, as he discusses the numerous uses for life insurance, proper beneficiary designations and life insurance trusts and taxes in Life Insurance Revisited.


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