Applied Behavioral Finance: Behavioral Biases of Growth-Oriented Investors
By Michael M. Pompian


In last month's column, we examined the biases of moderate investors. If you recall, many of the biases of moderate investors were cognitive. In this month’s column, the fourth so far, we will move to biases of growth-oriented investors (GI’s). GIs are active investors with medium-to-high risk tolerance; some are strong-willed and independent thinkers. GIs are often self-assured and “trust their guts” when making decisions; however, when they do their own research they may not be thorough enough with due diligence tasks.


The Benefits of Personal Trust Sales
By Daniel Smith

Personal Trust Sales has been designed to teach Trust Professionals the unique elements of selling in the Personal Trust industry. The focus of this week-long course will revolve around both opportunities with existing clients and prospecting for new clients. Using two unique sales models, Cannon Subject Matter Experts will discuss the benefits of being in a relationship management role as well as a salesperson role. This course will elevate the expertise levels of both new and experienced Trust Professionals.



March 7-8, 2016

Join Cannon in San Francisco for our dynamic two-day workshops. You have the opportunity to broaden your knowledge, remain up to date on the latest industry trends, and fulfill valuable Continuing Education credits. Course offerings include Financial Advisor’s Course on Trust, Special Needs Trust, Capitalizing on the Insurance Opportunity, and Behavioral Finance.


New Course in 2016

Trust departments cannot serve a client until an individual becomes a client. How can today’s trust officers and administrative staff source, gain, and retain more of the client’s business? This two-day workshop focuses on the skills necessary to build an integrated service to sales business model. Join us in Boston, August 1st & 2nd, and learn to leverage your technical proficiency as a key advantage in the client decision-making process.


March 7-8 in San Francisco, CA

Every leader wants a high performing team, but many find that there are challenges along the way in achieving this goal. What creates the difference? How do you build an organization that generates sustainable growth? The secret is building an effective performance coaching system which focuses on helping your people reach their full potential. Mastery of the Cannon Performance Coaching system creates a breakthrough strategy to turn average performers into outstanding performers and build a culture that helps everyone thrive.


January 26, 2016 - 1pm ET

The lens through which an advisor evaluates their strategies must be refocused from time to time due to changing economic trends as well as action, or lack of action, inside the industry. Join Estate Planning Attorney, Clary Redd, as he discusses the many facets of Estate Planning in 2016 including continued utility of long-term trusts as well as US citizens holding assets abroad.