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Our industry faces unprecedented change and review. Cannon’s Chairman, Phil Buchanan, sat down to pen a series of articles examining both the current and future state of the client advisor. . .

Iceberg Right Ahead! Why Your Value Proposition Needs to Evolve – Part 1 of 9

“Iceberg right ahead!” yelled the forward lookout aboard the RMS Titanic. You know what happened next. Like bored mynah birds, reporters for the trade press constantly evoke the doomed ship to describe what is going to happen to you as an FA —and your firm— if you continue operating with your current business model based on Assets Under Management (AUM).

Attention grabbing certainly, but what does this mean? Read More

FAs Never Assume. You Must Know.

Years ago, I held my two-month-old godson Scotty in my arms and fed him his bottle. This wasn’t planned. His father and mother were busy with their other small children who were screaming their heads off. “Quick,” his father said, handing me the kid, “feed him.”

I’d never fed a baby. “What am I supposed to do?” Read More


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