Thought Leadership: Insights

The Behavioral Investor Type Framework Illustrated
By Michael Pompian

This month’s article is the "capstone" article that reviews the process for identifying Behavioral Investor Types or BITs. As we have discussed, understanding the type of clients an advisor has is important because individuals are different in the way they process information, vary in the way they behave when faced with a financial decision, and have different risk preferences. It is therefore essential that advisors interact with each client in a way that is. . . Read More

Retirement Acronyms Stage a Jail Break: Part 2
A Conversation with Larry Divers

The second part of our series begins with this comforting statement by Chief Buttonwood of the SEC Retirement Police. "I’m pleased to report that we closed the barn door just after the acronyms ran out and I think we did a darn good job of it."

Maybe not. Fortunately, with Cannon EVP and Retirement Services Expert Larry Divers as temporary Senior Investigative Agent, the acronyms which remain on the lam shall be caught, he tells me. That very moment something catches my eye. . . Read More


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