Thought Leadership: Insights

The Aggressive Behavioral Investor Type
By Michael Pompian

As discussed in the last article, we reviewed the Growth Investor BIT. We are now moving to the Aggressive Investor BIT. It is important to remember that the least risk tolerant BIT and the most risk tolerant BIT clients are emotionally-biased in their behavior. In the middle of the risk scale are BITs that are affected mainly by… Read More

Retirement Acronyms Stage a Jail Break: Part 1
A Conversation with Larry Divers

Professing shock and dismay at this escape, Chief Buttonwood of the SEC Retirement Security Police, urged the public to chill. “We will quickly round up these miscreant acronyms. I’m pleased to report we have already taken the frozen Keogh into custody, although he couldn’t walk very fast, I’ll admit.”

Part of the difficulty in dealing with this issue, the Chief explained, is that many people have no idea what these acronyms mean and might approach one in a friendly way only to be… Read More


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