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Cannon’s Wealth Management eLearning course is for financial advisors working in the affluent and high net worth market space. The lessons focus on developing conversational skill and competence in each of the 13 wealth management issues using real-life scenarios. This instructional approach creates a learning environment rich in context and applicability to real job situations.

Focusing on client interactions, the lessons equip financial advisors with the proper questions to ask and discussion points to consider when working with their own clients. This real-world context is critical to the transfer of financial concepts and knowledge into application in client interactions. The result for financial advisors is superior service to their clients.

The course consists of 11 lessons, each with a user experience of 45 to 60 minutes.


The goals of the course are to:

  • Provide conversational frameworks for conducting thorough client discovery of each wealth issue.
  • Present model scripting and discussion paths for use with real clients to create meaningful conversations.
  • Present key Wealth Management Issues, promoting detailed understanding on the concepts and skills needed to discuss the topic with clients.
  • Use issue-focused discussion points to create a more complete wealth management strategy and planning approach than merely asking clients for facts.
  • Serve as a complement to any financial planning process or the use of any financial planning tool.

The companion Cannon Wealth Management Study Guides are valuable complements to the eLearning lessons and Cannon’s live classroom program. Call for pricing details at (706) 353-3806.

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