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Unique and Hard to Value Assets

This is an industry-exclusive course for trust professionals tasked with administering unique assets, and it will provide the knowledge and skills they need to do so successfully.

Favoring practical approaches over theoretical ones, students will learn best practices for administering residential and commercial real estate; farms and ranches (and other types of specialty real estate); privately-held operating businesses; mineral, oil and gas; loans and notes; tangible assets and collectibles; and private equity, hedge funds and other alternative investments. It is helpful but not essential for students to have administered unique assets previously.


  • Current Trust Industry Practices
  • Rules & Regulations, by Account Type (i.e. Custody, Directed Trust, Fiduciary etc.)
  • Administrative Best Practices (services to offer, documentation requirements)
    o Traditional Real Estate
    o Specialty Real Estate
    o Minerals, Oil & Gas
    o Privately-Owned Businesses
    o Loans and Notes
    o Life Insurance
    o Tangible Assets & Collectibles
    o Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Etc.
  • Valuation
  • Account Acceptance & Administration (including checklists)
  • Annual Review (Regulation 9) Considerations
  • Fee Considerations
  • Process and Account Remediation
  • Profit Opportunities (or Turning Lemons into Lemonade)

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