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Unique and Hard to Value Assets

This is an industry-exclusive course for trust professionals tasked with administering unique assets, and it will provide the knowledge and skills they need to do so successfully.

Price: $2,510.00 registration, tuition and meals (Housing not included. Please call 706.353.3346 for details.)

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Favoring practical approaches over theoretical ones, students will learn best practices for administering residential and commercial real estate; farms and ranches (and other types of specialty real estate); privately-held operating businesses; mineral, oil and gas; loans and notes; tangible assets and collectibles; and private equity, hedge funds and other alternative investments. It is helpful but not essential for students to have administered unique assets previously.


  • Current Trust Industry Practices
  • Rules & Regulations, by Account Type (i.e. Custody, Directed Trust, Fiduciary etc.)
  • Administrative Best Practices (services to offer, documentation requirements)
    o Traditional Real Estate
    o Specialty Real Estate
    o Minerals, Oil & Gas
    o Privately-Owned Businesses
    o Loans and Notes
    o Life Insurance
    o Tangible Assets & Collectibles
    o Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Etc.
  • Valuation
  • Account Acceptance & Administration (including checklists)
  • Annual Review (Regulation 9) Considerations
  • Fee Considerations
  • Process and Account Remediation
  • Profit Opportunities (or Turning Lemons into Lemonade)

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