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Cannon Trust Fundamentals

A foundational course within the Cannon Personal Trust curriculum

This course creates a working knowledge of trust industry terminology and concepts. We recommend this course for those new to the industry or seeking broad awareness of functional roles and responsibilities within trust departments.  Many Personal Fiduciaries use this course to satisfy educational requirements for becoming a fiduciary. 

Participants can expect this course to cover the broadest aspects of the Trust industry.  The depth of technical competency and skill required to perform complex trust administration is found in our Trust I, II, and III courses.

Course materials may include our Essentials of Trust and Estate Planning eLearning as well as our Concepts for Financial Professionals Book ($50*).  This course concludes with a comprehensive exam.  Our LiveOnline™ sessions offer additional instruction in Investment Management concepts as well. *Prices may vary when purchased separately.  


Topics Covered

  • Business Terminology
  • Legal Concepts
  • Utilization of Trust Services
  • Retirement and Estate Planning Instruments
  • Operational Rules
  • Rules for Estate Taxation
  • Fundamental Fiduciary Responsibilities
  • Investment Management Responsibilities and Structures
  • Document Analysis
  • Case Studies

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