Cannon Financial Institute

Investment Management II

Investment Management II builds on the principles taught in Investment Management I and culminates with the Accredited Investment Fiduciary Manager exam (AFIM). Students study the application of investment products to fiduciary accounts (trusts) and develop a value proposition for their ability to support their clients’ portfolios.

Cannon takes a fiduciary perspective on the most pertinent issues in investment principles and the overall securities marketplace.

Participants in this curriculum will be prepared to take the AFIM® examination.


  • Structured Products
  • Investment Manager Fiduciary Practices
  • GIPS
  • Global Investing
  • Dealing with Low-Cost Basis Assets
  • ILIT
  • Sector Investing
  • Capture Ratio
  • Alternatives: Commodities and Natural Resources
  • Real Estate
  • MPT
  • Investing for Different Types of Trust
  • Annuities
  • Creating & Telling Your Investment Story
  • Retirement Income Planning

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