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Correction Proof Your Practice

Price: $1,570.00
Price: $1,570.00

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Markets correct themselves; Prepare to navigate the course. 


This program allows you to proactively prepare your team, and therefore your clients, for any impending market declines. Through research and intensive, detailed conversations with advisors who weathered the last major correction with success, we have created a roadmap and a toolkit to prepare advisors to deal effectively with any coming correction.

What is at risk? Advisor health and performance. According to the Journal of Financial Therapy, as many as 90% of advisors suffered symptoms similar to PTSD in the wake of the last market crash; a result of two factors. First, the relentlessness of negative conversations with clients who had sustained losses, and second, the losses suffered by the advisors themselves in income, AUM, and client relationships resulted in severe stress. 


Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the behavioral finance biases likely to affect clients in a downturn
  • Contact clients proactively when a correction occurs
  • Prepare client conversations using a mnemonic – GROWTH (Goals, Reality, Options, Way Forward, Track, Hold their hand) – to maintain and enhance client confidence in a difficult period
  • Apply appropriate interpersonal skills – empathy, active listening, meaningful questioning – to maintain client confidence
  • Adjust client portfolios to reflect the best thinking given current realities
  • Grow their practices by prospecting at a time when most advisors are likely to be cowering under their desks
  • Analyze their practices for vulnerability before a correction occurs
  • Protect themselves and their practices by employing effective stress management techniques

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