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Corporate Trust I

This course begins a three-part curriculum designed to teach professionals in the fiduciary services for businesses and government a specialized skill set including both technical and sales acumen.

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This curriculum serves a unique and complex sector within the financial services industry; supporting professionals in corporate trust administration. risk assessment, audit, and client services within corporate business units and government municipalities.

We encourage at least six-twelve (6-12) months related experience before beginning this curriculum.  Those seeking the CCTS™ designation should begin with this course and plan to continue through Corporate Trust II and Corporate Trust III.

Course materials may include the Corporate Trust Answer Book and Corporate Trust: A Partner in Finance ($120*).  This course concludes with a comprehensive exam. *Prices may vary when purchased separately.


  • Capital Markets
  • Role of the Trustee
  • Securities Laws and Trust Indenture Act
  • Fundamentals of ABS and MBS Securities
  • Subprime Crisis
  • Municipal and Corporate Administration
  • Account Acceptance Process
  • Funds and Accounts
  • Operations Functions
  • Investments
  • Credit Enhancements
  • Merger/Acquisition Case

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