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Certificate in Applied Behavioral Finance

The foundation for understanding how people make decisions is a thorough understanding of the twenty most important behavioral biases that have been identified in research.

There are two camps in the world of finance. The first of these is standard finance, which embodies the notion that investors are inherently rational economic beings. On the other hand, the behavioral finance camp holds that investors are human beings, rather than perfectly rational creatures, and therefore an investor’s personal beliefs and biases influence their decision making. Standard finance is about how people should behave; behavioral finance is about how people actually behave.

For the professionals who advise clients with their finances, understanding how these biases work in the decision-making process is critical. Armed with the ability to recognize these biases and appropriately intervene, you can help your clients make better decisions with regard to their wealth. This is applied behavioral finance. This two-day workshop will prepare a participant to immediately implement the learning and techniques introduced in this program. The workshop is a highly interactive skill based program designed for those professionals who provide financial advice to clients. Upon successful completion of the program requirements, participants will be awarded a Certificate in Behavioral Finance from the Certified Wealth Strategist Board of Directors.


  • Describe the Differences Between Micro Behavioral Finance and Macro Behavioral Finance
  • Understand the Relevance of Behavioral Finance to the Investment Advisor and the Implication for the Client
  • Explore the Limits of the Traditional Risk Tolerance Questionnaire and the Implications for Portfolio Design
  • Differentiate Between Cognitive and Emotional Biases
  • Identify Investor Behavioral Biases in Clients
  • Learn How to Advise Your Clients
  • When You Recognize Irrational Investor Behavior.
  • Describe and Recognize Four
  • Behavioral Investor Types
  • Build Better Client Relationships
  • Apply Behavioral Finance to the Asset
  • Allocation Process

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