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Capital Ideas - August 2016


This issue features pieces on Behavioral Finance, Income Tax, and Student Loans.

                   THE MEASURE OF A MAN

I recently lost my dad. For my brothers and me, this was our second time. Our entire family was lucky to have him for his 93 years. He was a kind, gentle and spiritual man that will be missed by all that knew him.

As we’ve been going through his private papers, we have found many interesting writings. He apparently has been penning important ideas over his entire life. We found many small pieces of paper tucked away, as well as several binders of his musings. They are things that meant a great deal to him and were things he shared with us over the years. Many were about becoming a good man, husband and father.

My mother asked me and my brother Doug to each deliver a eulogy. It was through much emotion that we tried to sum up in a few short sentences the life of a wonderful man.

I was listening to everyone talk about my father’s life at the wake and funeral it became obvious that everyone focused on the impact he had on their lives. The things he did for or with them.

I have been thinking lately about how my life and the lives of my brothers would be measured when it comes time for the final accounting.

I will mark my life and the lives of my brothers a success if others will say of each of us:

  • He was as good a Husband as Richard was to Laura, when my father died I couldn’t have wished a better person to fill my Mother’s life with joy and love.
  • He was as good a Father as Richard was to his five sons, we all talk of the Fatherly wisdom he provided over the years in his firm but gentle way.
  • He was as good a Grandfather as Richard was to his eleven grandchildren, all of them cherish his memory and the time they spent with him has made them better people.
  • He was as good a Great-Grandfather as Richard was to his two great-grand children. Parker and Kayden called him Grandpa T and loved him unconditionally as only a child can do.
  • He was charitable as Richard was. I never met a man as generous and selfless as he was.
  • He was as competent in his chosen profession as Richard was.  Just think of the thousands beautiful smiles he was responsible for. He was an Orthodontist.
  • He was always learning and growing his mind as Richard was. He subscribed and listened to The Great Courses.

Now I know it may seem as if I am painting a picture of perfection, but that is not the case, he did have one flaw. He couldn’t tell a joke if his life had depended upon it.

He will be missed, but we know he is watching out for us and guiding us through life just as he has over all these years.

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