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Advisor Relevance: Today & Tomorrow

Cannon Financial Institute presents its position on dealing with six current significant disruptions faced by Financial Advisors. In combination these are breaking down the advisor’s foundational value promise to the market and we explore what is necessary to turn the challenges into opportunities. The position’s theme is titled: Advisors Relevance: Today and Tomorrow. 


  • Understand how six disruptive challenges place advisors at risk and why they cannot be addressed with linear solutions.
  • Explore three new abilities that the advisor can acquire or improve in order to remain relevant now and when dealing with future disruptions.
  • Explore and assess example solutions and outcomes and help the advisor identify what new approaches and behaviors they might adopt and determine a path to do so.

Position Papers 

These 3 position papers explore 6 challenges placing advisors at risk and how adding 3 new capabilities can move advisors from being threatened to thriving in the face of disruption. Registration Required.

Paper 1: Challenges & Consequences

Paper 2: A Solution System

Paper 3: Implementing Our Solution


View Bill's 4 short videos that explore the concepts presented in the position papers:

Video 1: The Crumbling Foundation

Video 2: Innovation & Business Modeling

Video 3: Leveraging Technology

Video 4: Behavioral Coaching

The combination of these 6 challenges is massive and analogous to an avalanche, which changes the landscape. However, with change comes opportunity and those who are prepared can achieve greater levels of success.  This series reveals how advisors can adapt to the shifting landscape by adding to their existing expertise and succeed in the emerging environment in new and exciting ways.

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